MFA Thesis Exhibition


/drej/ (verb)

1. clean out the bed of (a harbor, river, or other area of water) by scooping out mud, weeds, and rubbish with a dredge.

• bring up or clear (something) from a river, harbor, or other area of water with a dredge.

• bring to people’s attention an unpleasant or embarrassing fact or incident that had been forgotten.

2. sprinkle (food) with a powdered substance, typically flour or sugar. -Oxford Dictionary

The American South is a place of legendary proportion. The site of dark histories and rich culture, the ghosts of the past are inherited by each generation and inform the cultural identity of those who call the South home. In the exhibition Dredge, I seek to explore the remnants of the past as they relate to collective heritage and cultural identity. As I excavate the many layers of my cultural identity as a white woman from the Deep South, I attempt to reconcile both personal and collective histories. Recognizing both the things which draw us together and our often-difficult past, I respond to stories of our collective history. Using personal heirlooms, I share my familial ancestry while asking the question: "what else am I inheriting”?

Dredge, an MFA Thesis Exhibition, was installed in the University Gallery at San Diego State University in April of 2017.