betrayal at ebenezer

Betrayal at Ebenezer was a site-specific installation made on June 9, 2016, in the Ebenezer Creek, a black-water creek in my home of Effingham County, Georgia. I made this work in response to an incident during the Civil War where Union Troops abandoned freed slaves during Sherman’s March to the Sea. The troops, whom the freed slaves were following for protection, crossed the Ebenezer Creek but quickly pulled a temporary bridge before the freed slaves could cross. Stranded, the freed slaves panicked and attempted to swim across in harsh waters but drowned. Several, to hundreds, of freed slaves, drowned in the Ebenezer Creek in December of 1864. In response to this incident, I placed approximately two-hundred un-fired clay bowls into the creek which slowly dissolved and sank into the water, memorializing those that died during the event. This work was made to investigate the challenging aspects of history that we overlook as well as to inquire into the feelings of responsibility that are a part of my identity.  

Video/Photo by Tremble Productions